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Black Queer and Here

Written by Iris Bastet, BWU Community Outreach Director

The Black Here & Queer event was an opportunity to create a safe space for people that look and love like I do. We as Black people understand how important it is to have spaces that are for us and by us. It often is heartbreaking to see that exclusion when Queer Black folks ask the same and from our own community.

Black Womxn United has kept their promise to not only care for the LGBT Cisgendered Black Womxn, but the Trans Black Womxn as well. I am honored to be apart of that plight for the means of equality.  Being apart of the Black Here and Queer event was affirming. It reminded me that I am safe, I am loved and I am seen and I don’t have to hid in fear anymore. It still blows my mind that I am blessed enough to be apart of a Black organization that sees all the layers of my intersectionality. Along with the intersectionality of Black femmes and Black Trans Womxn.

I never feel as tho my Queerness is a threat to my peers in the fight for justice and equality. It’s enough of the pie for us all to share in the education, protection and advancement of all Black Womxn. That’s why I really love this organization, they truly do care and the work shows. 

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