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Developing Your Leadership Style

This session we will utilize self-reflection to create our leadership style as it relates to working on your job, within your organization you volunteer with, and in your everyday life. We will review some styles, using scenarios to help understand how to put into practice your leadership style.

Presenter's handle: @aja1913 (Insta)

In these busy and uncertain times, it is easy to just focus on the next item on your “to-do” list and get lose how important you are and the need to prioritize self. When time is of the essence, it may even seem selfish to practice self-care. As black women and girls, we are at higher risk of burnout and experiencing the negative effects of stress. Taking care of ourselves is essential to our well-being. We “dare” you to self-care! This workshop will provide a safe space for personal reflection and self-care visioning and planning, as well as provide ideas for simple self-care strategies to try in the moment and put into regular practice.

Presenter's handle: @ebony_flow (Insta)
Building Your Personal Foundation

Black women shoulder many responsibilities (wife, mom, entrepreneur, caretaker, etc.) and often find themselves losing touch with who they are at their core. In order to create a life in which they thrive and feel empowered, a solid personal foundation must be created. When Black Women don’t know or honor who you are deep within, they tend to make decisions that do not serve their best interest, fuel their passion or enforce their boundaries.

Presenter's handle: @full_circle97.5 (Insta)
Grant Writing 101

This grant writing workshop will be an insightful introduction to the process of grant-writing, designed to familiarize the audience with the process of identifying and applying for grants.

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