ABout black womxn united

(her)story of bwu

Black Womxn United started in 2017 by three courageous black women: Imani Mitchell, Autumn Asters, and Elika Bernard.  From that first meeting held we created the first-ever black womxn’s march. And from that conceptual idea came Black Womxn United. Because of the massive response of need, it became more than we could have ever imagined. We are so glad we stood our ground on centering Black womxn. Since then, BWU has reached hundreds of thousands and lifted up the voices of Black womxn around the globe.

After a month of quick planning and hard work, they created an unprecedented event -- 

the first Black Womxn's March in Sacramento, California.

mission statement

Black Womxn United is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the education, protection, and advancement of Black womxn.

our objectives

We aim to provide safe and welcoming spaces for all Black womxn, regardless of background, religion, class, gender, or sexuality.​

We seek to serve as protectors and advocates for Black womxn when support, guidance or love is needed.

We will build a network of Black womxn that promotes sisterhood and inclusiveness and fosters growth within the Black community.

We strive to elevate and center Black womxn within not only the Women’s Liberation movement but also the Black Liberation movement and promote Black female leadership.

We will explore the intersections of Black womxnhood, create dialogue and discussion around misogynoir and work towards effective and strategic methods to eradicate anti-Blackness imposed on Black womxn.

We will work within every social structure to ensure Black womxn are properly represented and heard.